A Letter From Cadets Director Scott Litzenberg

Created on Friday, 31 May 2019 11:02:38

As I sit here in Oxford, PA at #CampCadet collecting my thoughts after a whirlwind time of move-ins and rehearsals, I can report your Cadets of 2019 have successfully completed their first weeks of Spring Training. The spirits are high and there’s an energy around this group of young people that has the whole team flying high!

For those of you who have been around the activity for any length of time, you understand that there is simply no more important period of time to the eventual success of the corps than Spring Training. 

The pale skin, blank dot books and clean sneakers bring with them optimism for the members who are ready to embark on the journey ahead with this most special edition of The Cadets.

The effort, the hard work, and the thousands of repetitions by every level of the corps from the members to the staff to the volunteers exemplify the commitment necessary for success from the first day of tour to Championship night.

But this commitment carries on to you; our esteemed alumni and fan base that has so generously given their support every year to provide for a world-class experience. We’re asking for your support with a Spring Training gift to make it a successful summer beginning TODAY! Make your donation HERE.

We are so pleased that our first-ever Maroon & Gold Day on May 9 was a record setter in every sense of the word. We exceeded our original goal of 250 supporters to reach 455 donors and achieve an outstanding $65,000 on the first day of our Maroon & Gold Club Campaign. But that was only the beginning!

Now we ask for those of you who have yet to contribute to join us to help us get to our goal of 1,000 donors. The good news is that as I write this, we just crossed over 500 members with well over 1,000 recent supporters yet to renew their 2019 memberships for the 85th Anniversary season. Making today, in the first days of Spring Training, the very best time to make your commitment to The Cadets.

Will you join me in becoming a member of the 2019 Maroon & Gold Club with a gift to support this corps we all love so much?

I wrote the following as a message to the incoming class of Cadets and our fans and wanted to share with you:

Being a Cadet. What does that mean? We all have our own standard of being a Cadet. 

Our 2019 show, BEHOLD, is one that celebrates the diversity of our members for the past 85 years and the 50th Anniversary of the Women of The Cadets. 

The way we speak to and treat each other, even when we don't agree, is a part of what we learn from being in the corps. We respect each other. We support each other. We accept people who are different. No matter the uniform, the heart inside of it is the same. 

The kids of today want to be Cadets. They long to show the past 84 years of alumni, that they revel in maintaining the standards that were set before them. 

I am excited to have everyone share in their commitment as you see them perform this season. These Cadets will make you proud that you helped to give them that legacy and they will absolutely prove to you they have earned and deserve that same status in 2019. 

I am so proud of this organization and everything we have accomplished over the past 85 years. But in order for us to continue to provide the life lessons of hard work, perseverance, diversity and commitment to excellence, we need you!

There’s not a week that goes by that I don’t hear from alumni letting me know how their life changed when they became A Cadet. Music teachers, business executives, accountants, physicians, attorneys, nurses, IT specialists, marketing; they all have one thing in common: 

The experience they gained through The Cadets made them who they are today.

If you are one of these Alumni and haven’t renewed your 2019 membership in the Maroon & Gold Club, what are you waiting for? Give your annual gift today with the knowledge it is well managed and will be invested wisely in the corps of today and tomorrow. 

If you are a parent, fan or supporter of the corps, we ask you to take this opportunity to renew your membership for 2019 while the corps is still in Spring Training prepping a show that returns the corps to the creativity and innovation that makes The Cadets, your Cadets.

No matter your passion for The Cadets, you can make a difference for this year’s corps with your donation online HERE.

In closing, there is a great deal of optimism and energy from the members and staff of your 2019 Cadets. We want you to be part of it. We hope to see you throughout the summer from the movie theatre in June to a show near you to the Championship in Indianapolis. In the meantime, we are counting on your support as a member of the 2019 Maroon & Gold Club to help us exceed all of our wildest dreams and expectations!



Scott Litzenberg 82-83
Director | The Cadets


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