FAQ’s About USBands New Membership Program

Created on Friday, 05 Apr 2019 15:11:46

After the initial release of our new and improved Bands First Membership Program, we heard questions from directors and we would like to answer them for everyone in the easiest and most comprehensive way possible.

We encourage you to contact USBands for a customized prospectus on the differences between the levels of membership and which plan works best for you based on your goals and your 2019 schedule.

Q: What is the goal of this new USBands Membership Plan?

A: The goal is not to increase fees for groups, but to create a membership with more value and give groups opportunities to save.  Our ultimate goal is to provide options, rather a “one-size-fits-all” program.  With the new plan, bands can do more events, which allows programs to grow and students to have more positive experiences.

Q: What are the price points for each level of membership?

A:  Value Membership is $375, a savings of $75 from 2018. Basic Membership is $450, the same price as 2018.  Prime Membership is $600.

Value Membership is great for the band participating mainly in local events only. Basic Membership provides savings when your schedule includes State and/or National Championships. And, the Prime Membership gives you the most value, with additional benefits that pay for the cost of Prime and then some!

Q: Can you give me an example as a Group IIA band as to what the different options are and also compare it to 2018?

A: When looking at a Group IIA band competing in (three) local events, Yamaha Cup, State and National Championships, here is the comparison:

  2018        2019 Basic 2019 Prime
Membership $450 $450 $600
Yamaha Cup $1050 $1050 $900
States $250 $250 $100
Nationals $725 $725 $575
Total $2475 $2475 $2175

A: Nope! Our goal here is to make things easier for the director. If you need to make an adjustment to your membership, contact a USBands Representative and they can update your account. 
Q: What would happen if I have to adjust membership from Basic to Prime? Would I be responsible for the entire cost?
For this group, we would recommend the Prime Membership to receive more benefits and save money. For details on your band’s membership and which plan might work best for you, please contact marching@yea.org

Should you have any further questions or concerns, please contact the USBands team anytime at marching@yea.org

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