Scott Litzenberg, Director, The Cadets
Denise Bonfiglio, Staff Coordinator
JP Castro, Corps Manager
Lauren Davis, Tour Manager
Jose Wilker Augusto, Administration
Israel DeMello, Administration Intern
Alfred Braza, Administration Intern
Tom Aungst, Program Facilitator/Battery Designer
Darcie Aungst, Program Coordinator
Drew Shanefield, Brass Arranger/Music Coordinator
Omar Carmenates, Front Ensemble Arranger
Neil Larrivee, Front Ensemble Facilitator
Brandon Carrita, Audio Arranger
Chris JohnstonBobby Jones, Visual Designer
Adam Sage, Color Guard Designer/Visual Coordinator
Branden Hill, Caption Manager
Aaron Witek, Assistant Caption Manager
Marc Whitlock, Brass Consultant
Daniel Berard, Brass Consultant
Scott Whitford, Technician
Derrell Wallace, Technician
DiaShamar Marshall, Technician
Jason Rinehart, Technician
Selena Maytum, Technician
Nick Franck, Technician
Joe Busuito, Technician
Ray Henricksen, Technician
Matthew Tichy, Technician
Nate Holland, Technician
Jacob Gall, Caption Manager
TJ Goss, Assistant Caption Manager
Lee Beddis, Battery Facilitator
Paul Nalesnik, Technician
Alan Aungst, Technician
Sarah Fabian, Technician
Joe Ciancimino, Technician
Jeff Carmona, Technician
Mike Dow, Technician
Luis Rivera Carrero, Caption Manager
Matt Wyckoff, Assistant Caption Manager
Rick Stetson, Technician
Aaron Locklear, Technician
Reed Kimmel, Audio Engineer
Dom Palazzo, Audio Engineer
Sam Watson, Caption Manager
Christy Hobby, Assistant Caption Manager
Adam Dalton, Choreographer
Brandon Smith, Choreographer
Darren Mickens, Choreographer
Michael James, Choreographer
Lexy Holland-Albaugh, Technician
Madison Adcock, Technician
Alyssa Citero, Technician
Armando Loney, Technician
Abby MacLeay, Technician
Kristin Shatzer, Technician
Tyler Smith, Technician
Michael Zablocki, Technician
Chris Johnston, Caption Manager
Dustin Del Moro, Assistant Caption Manager
Jeff Young, Movement & Education Specialist
Vincent Thomas, Movement Specialist
Wes Bullock, Performance Specialist
Wayne Harris, Performance Specialist
Jon Bilby, Technician 
Julian Johnson, Technician
Andrew Gaskill, Technician
Alex Cardona, Technician
Patrick McGehee, Technician
Tom Eder, Technician
Scott Tanner, Technician
Daniel Del Moro, Technician
Josh Neujahr, Technician
Peter Inglett, NSCA Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist
Kenn Phillips, Medical Staff Daniel Auli, Medical Staff
Josh Clements, Photographer
Jake Hutchinson, Videographer
Roxanna Peykamian, Video Editor
Will Richards, Social Media Specialist



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